Composition List

This a list of my concert and theatre compositions. My film scores are listed here.

How to Draw Mystical Creatures (Theatre) Electronic instruments  22 min  2005

Dr Fastus: (Theatre) Electronic instruments 24 min 2004

Sounds of The City: Central Park (dance) Violin Oboe Piano Bass  12 min  2003

A Small Flightless Bird I. II. III   Solo flute   6min   2000-02

On Open Sky: Symphony No. 1 (1st mvt.)   Full Orchestra   8.5min   2001

Three Pieces for Two People   Piano and Violin   10min   2001

From the Night Sky (rev)   String Quartet   12min   2000-01

Viologue   Violin and tape   6min   2000

In Depths   Solo Piano   9min   1999

Falling From Depth   Cello and Chamber Orchestra   12min   1998-99

From Shadow   Full Orchestra   9min   1998

Small Forms (suite)   Piano    15min   1997-98

Time Piece   Percussion Quartet   8min   1997

Within and Without   Viola and Cello   12min   1996

In Ashes of Doubt   String Orchestra   6min   1996

End of the Beginning   String Orchestra   6.5min   1996

The Ground Stained Red   Tenor and Chamber Orchestra   4min   1994-96

Smiling Man   Tenor and Piano   3.5min   1995

Opposable Thumbs   Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello and Percussion  12min   1995

Old Windows   English Horn   5min   1995

Paper Tiger   Chamber Orchestra   5.5min   1995

Light on Lights   String Orchestra   6min   1995

The Ground Stained Red   Tenor and Piano   4min   1994

No Small Shame   Pierrot ensemble   8min   1994

In An Instant, In An Age   Piano   8min   1993

Tripod   Oboe Trio   5min   1993