Flux Garden VR

Walk through of Flux Garden a VR project created with Ben Seide and Elke Reinhuber. The project explores incomplete data used to render garden. Dances are hidden in the corrupted landscape of a traditional Chinese garden.

Little Fiel

Intro to the multi award winning hybrid documentary, sound design and mix. Directed by Irina Patkanian, Music by Adam Silverman

Death Of A Sun

An installation piece and collaboration with artist Simona Prives.

An Echo of the Modern Part 1

An abstract look at the ramifications of Modernism on the developing world. How does the language of liberation for the West become a symbol of promise and conflict in former colonised states.

Directed by Kenneth Feinstein

Black Remnants

A collaboration with artist and graphic designer Simona Prives. Experimental animation.

3 short animations.


“Zabaleen” Title Cue

Feature documentary

Directed by Justin Kramer